YOI Makkachin Kawaii Bag Charm with Pink Pom Pom, Decora, Harajuku Style, Accessories

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This adorable YOI inspired keychain and bag charm was made using an official chibi gacha figurine of Makkachin, attached to a durable stainless steel chain, decorated with a variety of colorful beads in purple, pinks and blue!

Stainless steel materials will keep your bag charm safe from tarnishing, while the pom pom was made with durability in mind so you can wear it with confidence... I had my little helper test the durability of the prototype for 6 months and it's still intact... =^.^=

Cute and bouncy; this charm will make a perfect gift for fans of the anime and Victor Nikiforov! ^-^

Easy to attach and remove from your handbag, just clip the chain around your bag handle and you're done! ^^

Sliding the chain off the ring will allow you to use it as a keychain too!


Pom Pom dia. 7 cm (2.7 inches approx.)

Makkachin poodle charm size: 3 cm (1.4 inch approx.)

Bag charm length: 13 cm (5.2 inches) - measured from the top of the keyring to the bottom of the pom pom

Chain size: 10 cm long (4 inches approximately)

*~ An OOAK creation, only one available*~