Moon Rabbit Charm Bracelet, Fairy Kei, Kawaii Fashion, Jfashion, Handmade Jewelry

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This charm bracelet was inspired by the Moon Rabbit, featuring a Japanese white figurine, attached to a quality stainless steel chain.

From tiny bells, silver moons, to a resin filled glass bottle, a resin heart, colorful beads and more; each link holds one charm.

Since all metals I used are stainless steel, your piece will remain highly resistant to tarnish, making it an ideal piece for summer.

Your bracelet will come in a gift jewelry box, which you can also use to store it.


Bracelet measures: 18.5 cm unfastened (7.4 inches) and approximately 17 cm when worn (6.7 inches)

Measured at the extender link, this bracelet is 20 cm (8 inches approx.)

Figure size: 2.4 cm (1 inch approx.)

*wrist pictured on example pic is 6 inches exactly

*~ An OOAK creation! Only one available! ^-^ *~