Kawaii Statement Necklace, Fairy Kei, Pastel Jewelry, Magical Girl, Decoden

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An OOAK kawaii statement

A one of a kind kawaii statement necklace inspired by all things magical, the centerpiece is a handmade resin heart in opaque white, decorated with an array of genuine swarovski crystals, which are super sparkly when exposed to the light, as well as acrylic pearls.

The winged star was inspired by Cardcaptor Sakura, my favorite anime, featuring a yellow star with pastel glitter wings I made with resin.

To make it even more kawaii, I sew on a purple lace ribbon with an iridescent crystal in the center.

The chain is made of gold plated aluminum, and comes with an extension.

Cute and enchanting; this necklace will look fantastic styled over a blouse and pastel colors! ^^


Centerpiece size (heart): 6.5 x 6 cm (2.75 x 2.5 inches approx.) - please note the back of the piece is matte, sanded for more comfortable wear

Necklace length: 41 cm (16 inches approx.) - including heart.

Extender chain 6 cm (2.5 inches approx.)

*~ An OOAK creation! Only one necklace available! *~